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Vision & Mission
Our vision of the future: 
A world where energy is more sustainable, accessible, and secure.
Our role in making it happen: 
We build a stronger community of future energy leaders across disciplines and countries through online and in-person opportunities. 
Why we do it: 
We are certain that the only way to do it is together. 
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Our History

YES - Europe grew out of an initiative at EPFL (Switzerland) that brought together 50 students from 9 European countries in May 2016 for the first Annual Conference to find ways to make a difference. Since, then two more Annual Conferences have taken place in Berlin and Madrid, attracting 80 students from 12 countries.

The YES-Europe leadership team (see below) has been working to develop a strong organization with a nuanced business model. 

Connect with us to define the future together!

Meet our Team

Silvia Binet

Knowledge Sharing Lead

  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Impact Consultant

@Steward Redqueen

Chemistry MS and BS @EPFL

Dimitri Zogg

External Relations Lead

  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Research Assistant @ICL

Mechanical Engineering BS and MS @EPFL

Our Board

Esha Roy


  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Sustainable Energy Technology MS @Uni Twente
Mechanical Engineering BS @University of Alberta

Norbert Czerniak

Topical Calls Lead

  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Energy Charter Treaty PhD @Uni Bayreuth

Law @Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan

Monica Troilo

Social Media Lead

  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Energy Engineering

 BS @PoliTo

Erik Turner

Country Representative 


  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Process Engineering MS @ETH

Chemical Engineering BS @EPFL

Alexander Eickenhorst

Germany Country Representative

  • LinkedIn Social Icon

International Business (Renewable Energy) @SRH Berlin

International Business @Maastricht U

Marnix Paanakker

Netherlands Country


  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Sustainable Energy Technology MS @TU Delft

Science, Bus. and Innovation BS @Vrije U Amsterdam

Nina Kusnierkiewicz

Poland Country Representative

  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Junior Associate @Wardynski & Partners
Law @Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan

Country Representatives

Livial Kalossaka

UK Country


  • LinkedIn Social Icon

PhD @Imperial College

Environmental Technology MS @Imperial College

Akshay Ramachandran

Swiss Country


  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Energy Science and Technology MS @ETH

Mechanical Engineering BS @Indian Institute of Technology

Atte Hinkka

Finland Country


  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Sustainable Energy System and Markets MS @U Alto

Energy and Environment Technology BS @U Alto

Martina Tibaldi

Italy Country


  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Energy Engineering

MS and BS@PoliTo

Sara Nyberg

Sweden Country


  • LinkedIn Social Icon

GHG Accountant @South Pole

Civil and environmental engineering MS @TU Lunds

Additional core members

Edgar Ubalo Pena


  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Industrial Biochem BS

@Aut.  Metr. Uni Mexico

Business Energy Engineering MS @Technology Uni Berlin

Giorgio Tidona

Social Media Manager

  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Energy Engineering BS @PoliTo

Jennifer Dwicahyani


  • LinkedIn Social Icon

School of Creative Media

@Hong Kong U

Gretta Marija Nikkare

2020 Annual Conference Chair

  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Energy Engineering BS


Shreyas Harsha

External Partnership

Researcher @Twence

Energy and Process Technolgy MS @TU Delft

  • LinkedIn Social Icon

Saif Islam

External Partnership

International Business (Renewable Energy) MS @SRH Berlin

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Send us your CV,  LinkedIn, and motivational letter.

Open positions:

1) Events Lead - Help Country Representatives design and execute Regional Events and contribute to organizing the Annual Conference.

2) Webmaster - Manage the website content on Wix


3) Newsletter-master - Prepare and send out the monthly newsletters in Mailchimp


4) Co-Lead YES - Europe - we are always looking for experienced individuals ready to take the lead on strategy and managing the operations of our growing team. The candidate should have a rich background in leadership, strategic mindset, and good, personable management skills, capable of building virtual, international teams.

5) Country Representatives - For a country other than those we already have. Build communication channels with national universities, companies, and students, host a regional events, stay in regular contact with the Strategy Team and other Country Representative and, in short, supervise all things YES-related in their country.

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