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How does the Future of Energy look like to us?

We have started our own analytical projects to generate novel intelligence on the perspectives of Energy Students and Young Professionals (ESYPs)

Our current long-term research initiatives are:

Guide to the perspectives of ESYPs

on the Future of Energy

Key insights

What are effective ways youth can engage in energy & climate policy?

We are passionate about understanding how our society works and how the Energy sector interacts with politics at the local, national and international level.

We have started investigating what are the most effective ways for young professional to engage at high-level discussion tables and actually have an infulence.

We are looking for interesting examples of energy & climate policy initiatives from young professionals in Europe.


Is there a particular initiative that you think we should be aware of?

We would love to hear from you 

Key insights

What are we passionate about?

Knowledge Sharing: Webinars

We regularly organize online topical calls on diverse topics related to energy.

By connecting students and young professionals with field experts we facilitate knowledge sharing sessions that addresses the interests of our members.

Past Topical Calls

  • Senegal's Energy Sector

  • The Clean Energy Package

  • E-Mobility and its challenges

  • Uganda's Energy Sector

  • The LNG market

What does a YES - Europe Annual Conference look like?

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