Frequently asked questions

I have never done a Hackathon/Climathon, how does it work?

Climathon/Hackathon are events during teams gather to work on a specific topic to solve it, be it by coding or by developing higher-level solutions. In the case of Climathon, the solutions generated have sol solve problems linked to the climate. It is intense, you'll meet awesome people, develop promising solutions and maybe bring it to real life!

I don't have a team...

If you can ask friends/colleagues/ex-girlfriend/family to participate, even though you don't have a full team, that's great. If that's not the case don't worry, we will form teams based on your profile so that the best and most innovative solutions can be generated!

I am not sure I am good enough to participate.

Nobody is. Bring the best of yourself, we will be there to help people in the process of generating solutions. In the generation of solutions, various talents and skills have to be used. Are you good with social science or politics, economics or technology, introverted or extroverted, a geek or a rockstar, everyone can bring something.

I unfortunately can not attend the whole event

That is the advantage of running the event online. You will be in a team, if someone has to water the plant of their neighbours or has another super important meeting, he can just leave and catch up afterwards. Don't miss too much of the event though if you want your team to get awesome solutions though!

Creating a more sustainable world after COVID-19



Finding innovative solutions together to build a more sustainable world for tomorrow. 

Bring your talent and your positive energy to take on the challenge now!

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