Ekaterina Paramonova

Co-Founder and


What was your most significant experience in YES-Europe? 

It has to have been proposing the initial idea of the first Annual Conference to my Energy Club team at EPFL and them wholeheartedly agreeing to try to make it happen... and 5 months later - hosting 40 students from across Europe! It was amazing to see how much interest there was and the willingness of students form 9 countries to come down to Switzerland for 3 days, then watching it grow from there.

How has this experience shaped you presently? 

YES-Europe (EESN, back then) was my second startup experience. Looking back, it is a great reminder of the fact that a lot of things are possible, given a good team, exciting idea, and powerful execution. I'm currently looking to set up my next startup, and some of the team-forming and scaling successes and lessons learned from YES will certainly come in handy.

What did you really enjoy about YES-Europe? 

YES-Europe, from its inception, is one of the only non-exclusionary groups in Europe focused on energy, connections across siloed communities of renewables, nuclear, oil / gas, as well as engineers, policy makers, lawyers, etc. and different countries. I met a lot of people who challenges my viewpoints on energy tech and strategy and to whom I can reach out to in the future for resources and advice (and they can do the same for me, too). I'm thrilled to see it growing, with a new team.

Alejandro Núñez Jiménez

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Marina Dorokhova


1st Annual Conference Co-Chair

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