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Initiatives and Cooperation

Are you attending the European Union Sustainability Week 2019 in Brussels? If you are, then make sure to sign up for our workshop:


Location: Residence Palace

Date: June 19th 12:30 to 13:30!


The Workshop is about a fictional country called “Solani” that just had a full re-election in its government. The recently appointed government is reviewing its goals in terms of its energy policy to create a framework for 2030 in order to comply with the EU targets for emissions. They will be investing 12 billion euros into an assortment of projects or policies.



The question is - what exactly will they invest in?

As a participant in the workshop, you will either represent one of the energy industries or be part of the evaluating committee in the Government. The workshop will aim to form a framework for the Energy Transition of Solani for 2030 through various negotiations, interactions between the different stakeholders, and understanding each other’s perspectives.


If this sounds interesting then please sign up in the form here. We have limited seating so make sure to sign up as soon as possible. 

We are proud to announce that Friends of the Supergrid has launched an Energy Education initiative and signed an MoU with YES - Europe (formerly EESN) on May 21, 2017 at the 2nd EESN Annual Conference. 

The Energy Education initiative is an international project that brings together stakeholders from the energy industry and beyond who are committed to promoting energy education and  transitioning to a low-carbon future

 What can YES - Europe and Friends of the Supergrid do together?

  • Ask policy makers and our governments to prioritize energy education in policy, practice and within the education system

  • Encourage businesses to invest resources in the development of energy educational tools and facilities.

  • Facilitate university, businesses and energy associations partnerships to share knowledge.

  • Organize a Summer School on Future Energy and host World Energy Education Summit to showcase and demonstrate how people can benefit from clean energy and smart infrastructure.

For more information regarding the initiative, please click here. 

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