YES - Europe's first and foremost mission is to bridge the energy community. In order to fulfill this mission, YES - Europe organizes various events every year, including the cornerstone Annual Conference and a series of regional events, which are held in different cities in Europe. These events are opportunities for young professionals, students, experts and others stakeholders from the energy industry to come together to debate the future of European and world energy as well as to devise a plan forward.

How does a YES - Europe Annual Conference look like?

2020 Summer Camp

Summer Camp



28-30th AUGUST 2020

In order to achieve the 2050 Carbon-neutral goals and fight against climate change and environmental degradation, we need to have a strategy where all are involved. The European Green Deal is a roadmap for making the European Union’s economy a sustainable one by turning climate and environmental challenges into opportunities. Focusing on the specific policy area of sustainable industries and clean energy, what are the implications for the economy and society?

Have you ever wondered how negotiations among stakeholders take place regarding a policy such as the European Green Deal?

What are the implications for the business? What about the implications for the citizens? How can we have everyone on board in such an important transition, one which will have such major societal impacts? And what is the role of the youth in it?

YES-Europe is organizing this Summer Camp to answer those exact questions! In the Summer Camp, we will provide you with insights on the European Green Deal and the specific policy of sustainable industry and clean energy. We will have three days of learning, discussion and networking. There will be a panel discussion, workshop, a Stakeholder Role-Playing Game, networking and lots of fun!

Come join us in this Online Summer Camp and experience how it feels to be a business owner, or a decision-maker or an NGO or any other group and define a negotiation strategy.


Day 1 - Panel Discussion: 

[Afternoon only] Learn all you need to know about the European Green Deal during great expert talks!


Day 2 - Workshop: 
Morning only] Do you know how an EU law is made? Discover it along a bit of history of the EU. Then, prepare for the 3rd day!

Day 3 - Stakeholder Role-Playing game: 
[Morning only] Become a stakeholder, meet your team, plan your strategy, make alliances, defend your opinion and convince the other stakeholder about a fictive (or maybe not?) law on one of the selected topic.

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Are you an expert  in the EU, the Green Deal or Carbon pricing? Join the coaching team!

2020 Climathlon

Creating a more sustainable world after COVID-19



Finding innovative solutions together to build a more sustainable world for tomorrow. 

Bring your talent and your positive energy to take on the challenge now!

Registration until April 30th, 7pm (CEST)

UK Regional Event @Imperial College, London, UK

The UK kick-off hosted attendees ranging from PhD, undergraduates, teachers, consultants and engineers who filled the Energy Futures Lab with enthusiasm and passion!

The event included a visit to exciting innovation hub such as Solar Fridge at the Clean Energy Lab of  Imperial College.

The day continued with an explosive mix of discussions, brainstorming, fun activities and conversations around delicious pizza offered by the Grantham Institute.

The year ahead looks promising, if you would like to join the UK team contact our UK Country Representative Livia Kalossaka!

2019 YES-Europe Annual Conference @TU Delft, Netherlands

2018 YES-Europe Annual Conference @UPM, Madrid, Spain

The 3rd Annual Conference in Madrid drew together 80 people from 12 countries, including: Spain, Germany, Italy, Russia, UK, Moldova, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, and France. The backgrounds or our participants ranged from engineering to law, business, entrepreneurship, and international relations. 

EESN 2017 Annual Conference @TU Berlin, Germany

The Annual Conferences are a cornerstone for our network, as they bring together a large, diverse group of young professionals in one spot for several days for a memorable and productive experience. This year, we partnered with the MicroEnergy International team to put on the conference at TU Berlin. We had 80 attendees from 12 countries around Europe.

Get the full report here.

EESN 2017 Switzerland Regional Event @EPFL

After last year’s first annual EESN conference hosted by the Energy Business, Policy and Technology (EBPT) group at EPFL, the Energy BPT group took the lead in organizing the first regional EESN event in Switzerland. Over 40 energy students from Switzerland attended the event to build solar lanterns and learn about professional careers as energy engineers, thanks our lead sponsor, ABB.

Get the full report here.

EESN 2016 Annual Conference @EPFL (Switzerland) 

EPFL's Energy Business, Policy, and Technology (Energy BPT) student group hosted the first edition of the European Energy Student Conference, in Lausanne, Switzerland. Over 50 students from 9 European countries attended the 1st European Energy Student Conference. 

Get the full report here.

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