Summer Camp



28-30th AUGUST 2020

In order to achieve the 2050 Carbon-neutral goals and fight against climate change and environmental degradation, we need to have a strategy where all are involved. The European Green Deal is a roadmap for making the European Union’s economy a sustainable one by turning climate and environmental challenges into opportunities. Focusing on the specific policy area of sustainable industries and clean energy, what are the implications for the economy and society?

Have you ever wondered how negotiations among stakeholders take place regarding a policy such as the European Green Deal?

What are the implications for the business? What about the implications for the citizens? How can we have everyone on board in such an important transition, one which will have such major societal impacts? And what is the role of the youth in it?

YES-Europe is organizing this Summer Camp to answer those exact questions! In the Summer Camp, we will provide you with insights on the European Green Deal and the specific policy of sustainable industry and clean energy. We will have three days of learning, discussion and networking. There will be a panel discussion, workshop, a Stakeholder Role-Playing Game, networking and lots of fun!

Come join us in this Online Summer Camp and experience how it feels to be a business owner, or a decision-maker or an NGO or any other group and define a negotiation strategy.


Day 1 - Panel Discussion: 

[Afternoon only] Learn all you need to know about the European Green Deal during great expert talks!


Day 2 - Workshop: 
Morning only] Do you know how an EU law is made? Discover it along a bit of history of the EU. Then, prepare for the 3rd day!

Day 3 - Stakeholder Role-Playing game: 
[Morning only] Become a stakeholder, meet your team, plan your strategy, make alliances, defend your opinion and convince the other stakeholder about a fictive (or maybe not?) law on one of the selected topic.


JOIN US ON 28-30 AUGUST 2020!

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